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What is a softshell jacket?


Softshell jacket is first of all the shell, used in the shell layer of the outdoor coat; The second is soft, material fabric is softer than hard shell clothing. It's for when you're outdoors in bad weather. Windproof, warm, scratch resistant, slightly waterproof, breathable outdoor outerwear.

If the hard shell (jacket) is armor, softshell jacket is mail, more comfortable than the hard shell, but relatively weak protection ability, a small part of the product can be waterproof, most can prevent splashing, but heavy rain will still be beaten through. After the trend should be soft and hard can learn from each other to improve shortcomings, slowly close to even fusion.

Compared to hard shell (jacket) :

softshell jacket material is soft, mobile, feel more comfortable;

softshell jackets are warmer and come in thick fabric, many lined with velvet;

softshell jacket activity noise, the softer the fabric, the less noise, which is easy to be ignored but is very important in practical use, some hard shell wear and plastic cloth, the sound is very annoying, wearing soft shell activities without this burden;

The appearance of the softshell jacket can be close to the non-functional jacket, and part of the product design can be suitable for urban wear, which is easy for us wild programmers and will not be ridiculed too badly.

softshell jacket are less waterproof and more breathable than hard-shell jackets. But the existing fabric began to waterproof, the future trend must be fusion.

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