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How to pick the right ski jacket for you?


Skiing feels great, but it also comes with a lot of "trouble". For example, snow mountain temperature is low, if the warm is not in place, it is easy to frostbite; It is inevitable to fall during the skiing process, snow water may leak into the clothes, serious may also be injured... So whether you're a novice or a seasoned skier, if you want to have fun and play safely, arm yourself with technology and expertise -- invest in a ski jacket that works for you. After all, it's hard to get loose on the piste when your cold teeth are trembling, and putting on a quality ski jacket is the first step in equipping yourself to focus on having fun and learning how to ski better.

So how do you pick the right ski jacket?

The first step in choosing a ski jacket is not its functionality, but its type. There are many different styles of ski jackets on the market, and they can be broadly divided into three categories: single-layer ski jackets, cotton/fleece ski jackets, and three-in-one ski jackets.

Single-layer ski jacket

The jacket, also known figuratively as a "shell," is usually a single layer design, so the overall garment is relatively lightweight. The outer cloth is usually selected with professional waterproof and windproof materials to protect the body from the discomfort of the weather changes. And the inside can be increased or decreased according to the actual demand to regulate the body temperature. For example, if you're cold, you can put on an extra layer of warm clothing underneath.

Cotton/fleece ski jacket

As everybody knows, the coefficient of thermal conductivity of air is the lowest in all of the fabric, with comfortable insulation materials (usually goose down or synthetic fiber) made of cotton/clip to fleece ski jacket, will establish a air barrier in interlining, the heat release the lock body, plus the outer fabric windproof and waterproof function, the cold, so warm sex is good.

3 in 1 ski jacket

As the name suggests, the jacket consists of three parts: a windproof, water-resistant shell that keeps the body dry and comfortable; The insulation layer made of insulating materials such as goose down locks the body heat; The liner equipped with thermal technology further improves the overall thermal performance. The three-in-one design effectively increases the use of clothing, which can be combined and disassembled -- worn as a ski jacket or, depending on weather conditions, worn separately in the coat or inner compartment.
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