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How do you go with a polar fleece jacket


This year's craze for polar fleece jackets is a real necessity. They're warm, stylish and super comfortable at the same time. It's like falling into a pile of cashmere. However, some MM are worried about buying polar fleece jacket is not good match, do not be afraid, let's take a look at the polar fleece jacket in the end how to match it.

Polar fleece jacket with jeans

Jeans that can be worn all year round can of course be paired with a polar fleece jacket for a stylish and casual look. With the most popular small white shoes, you can be out of fashion in ten minutes.

Polar fleece jacket with skirt

For those who like to wear skirts in autumn and winter, but are afraid of the cold, a fluffy polar fleece jacket can be paired with a skirt for a gentle look.

Polar fleece jacket with shirt and turtleneck sweater

Polar fleece jacket as a hot item in recent years, of course, you can't miss the advanced folding method. Opt for a plaid or striped shirt with a high neck knit underneath to soften the casual look of a polar fleece jacket and give it a more formal and composed look.

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